Will John Stewart Be the Next Green Lantern?

News has been swirling around for a long time about who will become the next Green Lantern? The Green Lantern movie, slated to be released in 2020, has a bare bones profile on IMDB.com, and we don’t have quite enough information of what to expect aside from a release date. However, in an announcement from Meet The Movie Press, it was revealed that John Stewart will in fact be our 2020 Green Lantern. I haven’t seen anything else released directly from other sources to substantiate if the news is in fact true, but if it is, this will be another great accomplishment from DC to bring in one of the most popular Black superheroes of all time.

Since Justice League Unlimited on Cartoon Network aired from 2004-06, the popular space cop has become a favorite among many fans of the animated series. There are younger fans who only know of John Stewart because of JLU, and it makes sense to bring in a Green Lantern who has already resonated with so many fans both young and old. Older fans, who were likely reading his comics during John’s heyday, already know that John Stewart is one of the first popular Black superheroes published by DC Comics.

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