New Features, Advancements Revealed for Apple’s New Operating System

Apple’s new OS could bridge the gap between your laptop and your phone.

The Yosemite Operating System will focus on sleek app design, speed and reliability that current operating systems may not offer.

According to Ian Sherr and Shara Tibken for, “some of the key new features included advancements for its Spotlight search function, allowing users to ask it about the weather, for example, or find stock prices and sports scores. The company also enhanced its search functions in apps like email, where they can easily find messages they hadn’t yet responded to. Apple also made it easy for two apps to run on the screen at once, a function called ‘split view.'”

Some of these features are not new and have been introduced in the Windows operating systems like Windows 8 and 10. Apple is banking on brand reputation to sell its new product. The company  wants it to be the most user-friendly OS on the market.


“It’s more of an upgrade to the feel of OS X. This means a lot more gesture control, continuing the tradition of making OS X feel more like iOS. For instance, El Capitan lets you swipe two fingers across the trackpad to delete a message. You can also kill unwanted autoplay music with a single tap. And you can also pull up Mission Control with a three-finger swipe. This kind of stuff is largely reminiscent of Windows 10, and the list of little improvements goes on,” reports Adam Clark Estes for Gizmodo.

The OS will also have widgets that connect users to news, sports and other informational sources. There will be a shared menu that allows developers to create blogs that will also enhance the user’s experience and build a rapport between developer and user. For more information on features check out Apple’s website.

Apple users can upgrade now via the Apple Store.