Facebook’s Messenger Platform Gets Its First Game

Facebook’s newest product is featured in its messenger platform that was revealed earlier this year.

Doodle Draw is a game that allows Facebook users to  draw and send images to their friends. And their friends get to guess what they drew.

According to Josh Constine for Techcrunch, “Doodle Draw for iOS and Android will be familiar to anyone who played Draw Something… because it’s a blatant copy of the 2012 flash in the pan mobile game that got acquired by Zynga for an exorbitant price. Don’t feel too bad for the fallen games giant, though, as Draw Something was just a mobile version of the classic party game Pictionary. You can download app developer Clay‘s Doodle Draw here, by tapping the “•••” button in a Messenger chat thread to open the platform app list.”

Since the introduction of the platform, Facebook has tried to get users to use it more. The game is just one attempt to build interest. For those who are not fond of Facebook games, Doodle Draw will not do anything to spark your interest.

It is highly likely that this is just the first round of promotional gimmicks the company will launch.