Gmail’s New ‘Undo Send’ Option Ends Regretful Messages

Email can be a useful tool for work communication and file-sharing, but if users send a “bad” email with regrettable content, it could ruin their career. A new Gmail feature allows the sender to stop the email in its tracks.

“It lets you un-send an email for a short while after sending. Of course, it isn’t reaching out and snatching the email back — it just holds the email for a brief period sufficient for you to evaluate your regrets — but it can still be a life-saver. This feature has actually been available since March of 2009, but it has been hidden away in the Labs section of Gmail’s settings,” reports
Kristofer Wouk for Digital Trends.

In order to activate the feature, Gmail users with the beta version of the unsend option will have to go to general tabs and click on “Enable Undo Send.”

One cool aspect the feature has is the option to choose time intervals of the unsent email. What that means is that in the settings of the unsend feature you can set the wait to send time to 5 seconds, 10, 20 or 30 depending on how safe you want to be.

This feature does not erase a bad email. It just slows it down so that you can edit it and clean it up if need be.