Micro: Bit Device to Help Children Learn Computer Programming

One million English schoolchildren will be able to learn computer programming due to a new portable device.

According to Techcrunch.com writer Matt Burns, “this web-based tool allows users to program and simulate tasks before transferring the data to the device. And since it runs in the browser, users can program the Micro:Bit on nearly any device.”

The device has red LED lights, a motion sensor, two buttons that allow users to simulate computer programming. The students will be able to make letters and numbers with the 25 LED lights. The device can also connect to other computing kits for more advanced tasks.

Tony Hall, BBC’s director general, believes that the device could help tackle the fact children were leaving school knowing how to use computers but not how to program them.

“We all know there’s a critical and growing digital skills gap in this country and that’s why it’s so important that we come together and do something about it,” Hall said at a launch event in London July 7.

This new tech initiative is slated to be released in October. To see how it all works, watch the demonstration below.

Source: YouTube