9 Ways to Spot a Fake Nerd

They wear black-rimmed glasses — not because they’re prescription but because they’re “the trend.” Celebrities such as rappers Kanye West and Jay Z and singer Justin Timberlake have made the look popular in mainstream culture.


They wear gingham prints. Elle Magazine’s article The Best Gingham Prints For Spring shows just how hipsters are commodifying nerd culture. You’re just as likely to catch the print on A-list celebrities walking the red carpet as you are to spot it on your local nerd.


They do not know the name of the characters on their shirts. When Transformers actress Megan Fox wears a crop top Star Wars T-shirt, you know it’s just not the same as if Urkel would’ve rocked it.


They only know the Marvel Comics and other characters from the movies. As Comic-Con culture catches mainstream attention, hipsters, posers and nerds alike converge, and the lines between them become even blurrier.