Etsy Teams Up With DigitalUndivided in Campaign to Diversify Technology

New York City-based companies Etsy and DigitalUndivided are focused on diversifying technology by supporting women and people of color in the industry.

The two have partnered up to create a space where the topic of race and gender can be discussed. The reality is that this industry is in need of attracting different types of people because everyone uses technology.

In an interview with the New York Business Journal, Etsy’s recruiting manager Jason Greenhouse said “that if tech companies really want to understand their user bases and build for the long term in large scale, they need to think that way internally. They need to bring people from various backgrounds and all different walks of life, give them a seat at the table and have them lend their ideas to what’s being built.”

June will be a big month for the two companies. Starting June 1, DigitalUndivided will launch a $50,000 Kickstarter for diversity research.

“We’ve built a pipeline of people who can immediately enter the market and lead companies,” says Kathryn Finney, founder of DigitalUndivided.

According to Michael del Castillo for New York Business Journal, the company will research the “racial makeup of a 60,000-person ‘startup genome’ to create a comprehensive gender and racial map of the global start-up community.”

On June 25 and July 23, there will be a second and third race and gender talk at the Etsy company headquarters in New York City.  The times for these events are 6 to 8 p.m., and each costs $20.

6 Things Companies Must Consider When Diversifying Their Workforce


Team-Building and Inclusion

Before trying to diversify any workplace, make sure that your mostly homogeneous workforce will cooperate in the process. A person’s religion, sexuality, race or creed should not be an issue with co-workers when projects are to be done. The best way to break the ice and build trust and understanding is through team-building exercises. Find time to make team-building a priority for current and incoming staff.

Profile of group diverse business people working together.

Create a Tolerant Workplace

One of the most important things an organization must do is ensure its culture and hiring practices will support the recruitment of diverse workers. Look at job descriptions and images on communication materials, and review the interviewing process that you currently have. These things will help carry the ideas of diversity, and they will make candidates feel confident that your company is committed to them.