5 New Cloaking Technologies Set to Make Invisibility a Reality in the Near Future


Earthquake Cloaking Device

Technology can solve many things at this point, even earthquakes. The diagram above shows how scientists at the Institut Fresnel in Marseille, France, plan on stopping seismic energy. First, the vibroprobe shakes the ground – simulating an earthquake. Second, rows of hollow cylinders act as metamaterials (man-made materials) that will reflect the vibrations away from the important structure and make it “invisible” to the “earthquake.” The whole experiment will have acoustic sensors to measure how well this works.

7 Clever Technologies Inspired by Nature


Spider Silk

Spider silk is one of nature’s strongest materials. Scientists have created a medical product that can be peeled off a wound without damaging the tissue underneath, but it is still strong enough to protect when attached.


Gecko’s Grip

There is an adhesive in development that will be made of millions of plastic fibers and can support almost a pound of weight. The amazing thing is that the material gets stronger with use.


Thirsty Beetles

The Namib Desert beetle collects water by condensing fog into droplets on the ridges of its back. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a bumpy material made of glass and plastic that recreates that process.