9 Superheroes You Didn’t Know Were Caribbean

blerds shades


Shades, Dominican Republic

Shades and Comanche were fellow hoods from Harlem who ran the streets with then Carl Lucas and Willis Stryker. The four of them made up the gang called the Rivals. They worked the streets for the more established mobs. When they grew up, Lucas went straight, but Shades and Comanche continued to associate with Stryker once he became a mobster himself. They attempted to manipulate Lucas into starting a prison riot. After Lucas escaped, the guard responsible for Lucas’ mishap, Rackham, took his frustration out on the prisoners, especially the Black ones. Shades and Comanche were able to dig escape tunnels out prison and went after Rackham, carrying a burning hatred for him due to his treatment of them in prison. The pair tracked Rackham across the country, committing small crimes to make cash.


Ava Ayala, Puerto Rico

Born into the Puerto Rican Ayala family, she was the baby of the family. By the time she was born, her sister Awilda had her own kids and most of her siblings were already adults. She idolized her big brother Hector who was the first real Hispanic superhero of any note. Her father and mother were killed because they were the parents of a superhero. Devastated by the loss, she moved in with her sister Awilda’s family.

When Ava Ayala’s niece, Angela Del Toro, retired from heroics, she passed the amulets of power onto her so she could carry on the legacy of the White Tiger. Joining the Avengers academy, she had clashing personalities with fellow Latino Reptil in regards to their Latino culture.

She is set to join the Mighty Avengers during Infinity.