9 Superheroes You Didn’t Know Were Caribbean


Steel Pulse, Jamaica

A Jamaican-born skilled metallurgist, Desmond Negril’s past is a mystery. He is identified as “Rastafarian,” meaning he believes in the divinity of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie.

He was put in charge of a $2 million private research facility, Allotech, located on Strong Island. His life changed the day he was in the middle of an experimental liquid metal bonding process. His complex was attacked and exposed to his liquid metal chemicals. This changed the chemical composition of his body into a malleable liquid metal, yet still alive, form.


Aizan, Barbados

Hela St. August, also known as Aizan, is a self-taught practitioner of parkour and breakdancing, making her extremely agile and coordinated. Through a special ceremony of the Aizan Clan, some of her mentor’s abilities were passed to her, allowing her to absorb some of his martial arts abilities. Aizan is now skilled in the clan’s martial arts system “Anansea Vita Saana.” With all of these elements, she has created a new hybrid, unorthodox fighting style all her own.

It is thought that Aizan is able to cast a psychic aura or “web” that allows her to perceive parallel realities. This allows her to see through illusions, to the “truth” of reality. Aizan can “read” body movements and actions, giving her the ability to anticipate attacks or even tell when someone is lying.