9 Superheroes You Didn’t Know Were Caribbean


Shadowcatcher, Jamaica

Shadowcatcher was born to the maroons of Jamaica. His birth name was Quaco, the male West African name for Wednesday. He was one of two rulers of the cockpit country alongside his brother Cudjo. As the years went by, he delved into the dark magic of Obeah, which caused him to have a falling out with his tribe. In the end, his brother and the council banished him from the village.

Left to his own machinations, he delved even deeper into the dark Obeah arts and became possessed by them. His physical body transformed to resemble the darkness within.

He has taken up residence in the Windsor caves, where he plots the demise of the maroons, his brother and the entire cockpit country.


Power Master, Unknown Caribbean island

Growing up on the street with his little brother Quincy, he became renowned for his street fighting and level head under pressure. After his brother was injured in an accident and had his feet and hand chopped off, he became a member of the Maggia’s European division. He worked his way through the ranks until he became division head. His keen insight helped him to stay a step ahead of the FBI, CIA and Interpol.

He attempted to replicate a power man formula so he could gain superpowers. The formula was a success, and he became more powerful than ever. However, his powers were unstable. After surviving an explosion, he slowly became living metal.