4 Replies to “5 Ways Tesla Motors Is Bringing The Auto Industry Into The 21st Century”

  1. "Brining?!!!"

    Don't you all ever use spell-check?!

    Okay…"brining" is a word….so the spellchecker wouldn't catch it.
    However….where's the proofreaders?!

  2. not fully reconfigurable instrument cluster. there are some options and can't swap sides or pick apps for left side.

  3. A better title would be Five Ways Tesla's SOFTWARE is bringing the Auto Industry into the 21st Century. The article ignores the company's revolutionary contributions in the realms of powertrain, sales and service.

  4. OK, those are the FIRST five. As Timothy says, the list can go on and on.
    And what does anyone think about EVs avoiding Federal and State gasoline taxes
    that fund highway reepairs and construction? A growing politicql problem?

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