7 Epic Comic Book Deaths That Deserve Far More Attention


Guardians of the Universe ‘Green Lantern vol. 5, #20’
First and foremost, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” stay up man. They’re basically the old men in congress talking about the abortion policy for the galaxy cause they think being alive for billions of years means they know best. Aside from Ganthet and Sayd who embrace their emotions, the guardians stay enacting stupid laws for the universe or the Green Lantern Corps that never goes well. While the Green Lanterns usually have to do collateral damage control post any guardian-made decision. The most recent time was when they ignored their emotions (for the 345TH TIME), got straight cold-hearted then decided the universe is better off without any feelings at all; they had to be stopped. So when the First Lantern (& Third Army) was taken down but re-established the guardians to their feelings leaving them vulnerable, Sinestro got drunk off that Parallax he popped then took measures into his own hands by killing each guardian. I didn’t see that coming. I said they had to be stopped, bruh, not merk’d but they had it coming.

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