7 Epic Comic Book Deaths That Deserve Far More Attention


Rio Morales ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20’
Rio Morales deserves the MVP mom of the millennium. No lie. When “Ultimate Venom II” was out in the streets hounding Miles Morales’ father thinking he was Spider-Man, then showed up at the hospital Morales Senior was taken to, Miles came in to defend him. Meanwhile, there was Rio Morales with a front row seat. Oh, but she ain’t stay idle. When Venom was getting one too many hits in, she picked up a glock and emptied the clip into Venom. She somehow knew Miles was Spider-Man, the question as to how will never get answered as a stray bullet from NYPD unloading on Venom tagged her. Miles had beaten the bad guy and thought he got his mother out of danger, but chance was the deciding factor. To me, her death will become on par with Thomas and Martha Wayne for the new age as we watch Miles grow up.

We all predicted something happening to his Uncle (that sh*t played out crazy) but his moms, Bendis? You took his Mom dukes, Bendis? You cold as Bobby Drake for that one. In my opinion, her death will become more prominent in comics as Miles becomes (even) more of a staple for Marvel. I mean her last words alone dooooe… the way they resonated with her telling her son to keep his secret from his father? That was some new stuff to put on the comic game right there.

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