7 Movies That Surprisingly Started Out as Comics

It’s easy to tell a movie is based on a comic book when people are flying around and wearing spandex, but comics aren’t all about superheroes. The art form encompasses many different genres, and many movies have been adapted that don’t advertise their comic roots. A perfect example is the new movie 2 Guns, which looks like your typical action movie until you read the fine print. Here are comic book movies you might not have known were comic book movies.


30 Days of Night

Released in 2007, starring Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Danny Huston, this horror movie about an Alaskan town where vampires attack during a prolonged polar night started as an unproduced film script. It took a detour when it was adapted into a three-issue comic book miniseries in 2002. The comic was so successful that it led to the feature film.