Love Black Speculative Fiction? 4 Good Reads of 2014

This year, I happily discovered Black fantasy fiction authors like Balogun Ojetade and Jennifer Fisch Ferguson. While I have enjoyed everything that I have read, there are certain books that have become my favorites.

This list is presented by Latonya Pennington from Blackgirlnerds.


‘Once Upon a Time in Afrika’ by Balogun Ojetade

This book was an awesome introduction to sword and soul, the genre that has stories set in alternate versions of Africa and Black men and women armed with magic and steel. It was a fast-paced story with action, adventure, a little romance and kick-ass Black men and women. I loved how the author weaved Yoruba mythology into the story. Also, Mistress Oyabakin has become one of my favorite Black female fictional characters.

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