5 Interesting Things Black Nerds Want to See and Not See In 2015 (And You May Even Agree)

It’s a new year, and we are all excited for what a brand new calendar may bring. As the new year carries a blank slate in a sense, a wonderment for what comes next, there are some resolutions we wish people would make. Some resolutions include giving the people what they deserve in the year that Back to the Future II promised us many things, and some items that need to get the Stark Family treatment this year.

This list is provided by William Evans of Black Nerd Problems (@blknrdproblems):


A Period Drama with Mostly People of Color

As cynical as I am, I’m a bit surprised we don’t have something like this yet. You can’t swing a bored TV executive by the tail without hitting a new TV drama that takes place at least 20 years ago. And, Hollywood loves to show us racism as long as it isn’t present racism so we can act like we are 1000 years removed from it. So why can’t we get that as an ongoing series? I’ve alluded to this idea before, but we really are ready to see a multi-season drama dedicated to the Harlem Renaissance. Or the life of Roberto Clemente. Or Chinese migrant workers. I find it funny how I have to hear how we are in a post-racial society, but simultaneously hear Ridley Scott and Aaron Sorkin say they can’t sell minorities in prominent roles to the American public or get those projects funded. If the recent Wire marathon taught us anything, it’s that if the quality and support is there, you can make a great show (the greatest show) no matter what your characters look like.

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