8 Ways Blerds Can Have More of a Presence in Silicon Valley


If Companies Lose the Idea That Money Can Solve Everything

Many tech giants are talking about making their companies more diverse, but many critics say the public announcements of hefty donations to certain programs are nothing more than PR stunts. Unfortunately, there seems to be some truth to that. While nearly all of the major tech giants have reportedly given large donations to causes that aim to increase diversity in tech, the diversity reports for the individual companies show little to no progress being made as far as diversifying their own staff.

Black graduates

Tech Giants Start Looking Beyond the Ivy Leagues

When it comes time to recruit new team members, many tech giants resort to the Ivy Leagues, but they are missing out on a massive pool of candidates who are just as talented. Black students may not have the financial means to attend Ivy League schools, but that certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t just as intelligent and well-rounded in the tech sphere. If tech giants take the time to expand their searches to other universities and colleges, they could easily find talented Black recruits to take their company to the next level.

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