8 Ways Blerds Can Have More of a Presence in Silicon Valley

blerds wage gap

Close the Growing Wage Gap in the Tech Space

For Black people who have managed to enter the tech space, many have been struck with the harsh reality of a massive wage gap between white people and people of color. On average, one study reported, Blacks earned $3,656 less than their white counterparts. The wage gap not only discourages other Blacks from entering the tech space, but it also means fewer Black employees in the tech world are willing to stick around.

increase diversity in tech

More Computer Classes Introduced in Economically Disadvantaged Schools

Time and time again, experts have said that the key to sparking diversity in STEM careers is to make sure young Black people are introduced to technology while they are still in school. For many Black students, this is a rare occurrence. Disadvantaged school districts often don’t have the funds to support computer science programs or find qualified professionals to teach these courses. Integrating more computer science classes in these schools, however, would help more Black students have the interest, knowledge and skills needed to succeed in Silicon Valley.

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