8 Black Techies Every Blerd Should Follow on Twitter

brotha tech

Terrance Gaines @BrothaTech

Many fans of this techie understand why his Twitter handle fits his personality so well. Terrance Gaines may talk about some of the more complex trends in technology, but he does so in a way that everybody can relate to. In other words, he has the knowledge to school you like a Harvard professor but delivers the information like he’s the charismatic best friend who has been in your life since grade school. It’s definitely something that tech experts have a lot of respect for. His blog, BrothaTech, is now an award-winning site, and his position has a digital lifestyle expert has been solidified for years to come.

Jamie Broadnax

Jamie Broadnax @BlackGirlNerds

From comic books to sci-fi flicks to robotics and anything else that could interest a Blerd, Jamie Broadnax has a diverse timeline full of tech-inspired topics. Broadnax has garnered more than 18,000 followers and is known as the founder of Black Girl Nerds. It’s a platform, and surprisingly one of the first of its kind, that is tailored toward Black women who are proudly self-proclaimed nerds.

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