8 Black Techies Every Blerd Should Follow on Twitter

Sian Morson

Sian Morson @xianamoy

Sian Morson is a Black techie who is acknowledged for both her beauty and her passion about mobile tech and design. She is known best as the founder of Kollective Mobile, a premier mobile development agency based in Oakland, California. Her timeline is constantly filled with links that are informative and entertaining for tech lovers of all kinds. She also makes a point to address many hot topics in the Black community and contribute to discussions about racism in America.

Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks @RachelABrooks

Rachel Brooks may not have the massive following that other techies on the list have, but this Blerd beauty has a timeline and an influence on social media that is still rather impressive. She has been the star of many online tech talks and has been named one of the 50 Young Visionary Women Leaders to Watch in 2015 by Innov8tive Magazine. Brooks is the mastermind behind Citizen Made, a platform that made it possible for brands to sell custom products online.


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