8 Black Techies Every Blerd Should Follow on Twitter

Jason Francis

Jason Francis @TrueOmegaNexus

Jason Francis is the genius mind behind the blog The Social Media Samurai. While Francis gave himself the title of “Social Media Samurai” nobody is arguing against his expertise in the social spectrum. He has more than a decade’s worth of experience with online promotions and blogging about tech trends and pop culture. Perhaps the best part about Francis’ Twitter feed is his clear presence as one of the most entertaining live tweeters on the Web right now.


Wayne Sutton @WayneSutton

The BUILDUP general partner has garnered a lot of attention from tech giants, including AT&T. AT&T has described Wayne Sutton as a “digital media thought leader” and an “angel investor in training.” BUILDUP is a global impact firm that helps connect tech entrepreneurs across the globe with mentors, educators and potential partners. While many of these techies have Twitter feeds that are incredibly entertaining, Sutton has one of the most useful feeds for emerging entrepreneurs who want to make their way into the tech space. It’s also a great way to try to connect with the tech leader and learn a thing or two from his many years in the tech space.

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