Beyond the Flying Car: 10 Futuristic Modes of Transportation Everyone Should Know About

the Next


Next is possibly the most futuristic idea on the entire list and certainly the one that researchers aren’t even close to making a reality. The idea of the Next is focused on social living but keeping the incredible level of convenience that we all expect from futuristic technological advances. Users would call a Next self-driving modular cab with their smartphones. Once they climb inside, the Next cab, still on all four wheels, will take off. Eventually, the cab will catch up with a group of other Next cabs that are headed in the same direction. The pod will then transform, pull up on only two wheels and connect to a group of other Next cars. This would ultimately create a shape-shifting bus composed of separate pods for each person. So while people would get to talk to each other and possibly make new friends, the pods would also be able to easily disconnect from the group of Next cars in order to drop the rider off at the most convenient location.

Hyperloop design


How amazing would it be if you could hop in a personal pod and be shot down a futuristic tube to your mother’s house in another state in only a few short minutes? That’s essentially the idea behind the Hyperloop. Elon Musk, who recently announced that he will be dedicating much of his time and other resources to build a Hyperloop test track, has faith that with the right backing and support Hyperloops could only be a few generations away.