Beyond the Flying Car: 10 Futuristic Modes of Transportation Everyone Should Know About

Jetpack already invented


Jetpacks are a more well-known idea of futuristic travel, but only recently have scientists managed to create a plausible, working model. A New Zealand-based company created a large, noisy version of the device, but with a few years of technological advancements, researchers believe we could be much closer to seeing jetpacks used in our daily lives than some people would think.

the future of transportation

Hovercraft Golf Cart

Golf is the last sport some people expect to boast futuristic modes of transportation, but in July 2013, the Windy Knoll Gold Course in Springfield, Ohio, proved hi-tech travel even has a place on the green. It debuted the hovercraft golf cart and showed off its ability to zoom across water, land or sand traps. The vehicle costs roughly $25,000 and takes an incredibly skilled person to handle it.