Beyond the Flying Car: 10 Futuristic Modes of Transportation Everyone Should Know About

Futuristic transportation


Tel Aviv, Israel, has long faced a serious traffic problem, so researchers have released plans for the SkyTran. SkyTran would take today’s modern subway and public transportation systems and move them into the air. SkyTran would feature small pods hanging below the tracks of the railway system in the sky and users would be able to call a pod to their location using nothing more than their smartphones.

 the future of trains

The Street Straddling Train

This idea allows for public transportation users and your everyday drivers to share the road — that’s right. Share the road. It’s essentially a train design that straddles the roads. The bottom of the railway system would be a large open space that would, as the name suggests, straddle the roads. This allows the train to pass over cars on the street rather than call for an entirely new system of railways. It’s definitely a brilliant idea, but there are no signs that any researchers are currently working on bringing the futuristic design to life.