Google ‘Nova’ Rumors Suggest the Tech Giant Could Become New Wireless Carrier This Year

Recent reports have surfaced that suggest Google is well on its way to becoming a major mobile carrier and even further expanding its reach into the telecommunications market.

Google is one tech giant that has done it all over the years, including helping consumers find answers to the embarrassing questions they didn’t want to ask their friends, taking over the largest video-sharing platform to help spread the joy of cat videos through YouTube, making geology class a little more bearable with Google Earth and challenging discussions of privacy in America with the development of Google Glass.

With self-driving cars and futuristic glucose-level tracking contact lenses also in development, Google has always been the tech giant with amazing tricks up its sleeve.

Now, Google is allegedly preparing for a mobile carrier takeover.

According to a report by The Information, Google could soon be selling mobile phone plans directly to consumers thanks to project “Nova,” which is supposed to be headed by Nick Fox, the vice president of product development at Google.

The report claims that Google will essentially be teaming up with Sprint and T-Mobile in order to bring “Nova” to life and become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

The plan, allegedly, is for Google to buy space on Sprint and T-Mobile airwaves and then sell its own packages directly to consumers.

It’s essentially the same business model behind other MVNOs like Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk. The difference here, however, is that “Nova” would be taking advantage of two mobile carriers’ airwaves as opposed to the one that most MVNOs have access to.

In other words, the idea itself is not revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but it is certainly a big move on Google’s behalf.

Other reports also hinted that Google, in its true innovative fashion, is developing new communication apps to work on the Nova network.

If the rumors are true, Google is on schedule to launch the new services later this year.