5 Games You Play Today But May Not Have Known Their African Origins



Mancala is one of the oldest games in the world, and it’s still being played today. Pits have been found carved into the roofs of ancient Egyptian tombs in Luxor and Thebes. The name means “to transfer” in Arabic. Small stones or seeds were used in its earlier days, but now marbles are more commonly used for the game.

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  1. Kudoda is called Magava in Xitsonga (SA, Zim, Swaziland & Mozambique). Mancala is called Ncuva in Xitsonga, Mufuvha in Tshivenda (SA, Zim) and Moruba in Sepedi (SA). I actually wrote a Linux terminal Ncuva game some years back. https://github.com/LocalDigital/madyondza-cms-gaming