More Than Black Panther – 9 More Black Superheroes Who Deserve to Be On The Big Screen


Kid Quantum (DC)

She is the only character from the future on this list. Kid Quantum is the third person to have that name. She has been the leader of the 31st century team: The Legion of Superheroes. During her time as leader, the team faced one of the greatest invasions Earth has ever seen. The way that she becomes Kid Quantum is worthy of a movie because it explains how this future works. Her brother used his powers with the help of a super-powered belt that would eventually kill him. She went through experimentation to be better than him. Her powers include energy manipulation.

Static Shock 1

Static Shock (DC)

His story revolves around the big bang accident in Dakota city. Hundreds of people were affected, and many began to develop superhuman powers. Static will have to deal with controlling his new abilities and fighting the bad guys.

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  1. Love this!!

  2. Yo white comic book readers were very adamant about Miles Morales never making the big screen. Yes even so called nerds are racists too, just look at bill gates.

  3. I'm good w all of them except Patriot. I hate what they've done w that character. I'd rather it be his Uncle, Josiah X….

  4. They are doing Hawkgirl

  5. Great article.

  6. Pretty sure Miss America Chavez is Latina…

  7. Yeah she is. More specifically she is Afro-Latina. Look at her parents.

  8. Yep on Legends of Tomorrow

  9. Latina is not a race though. That's why on a job application it asks race then if you are hispanic or non hispanic.

  10. Don't forget Power Man and was in Marvel comics with Iron fist.