More Than Black Panther – 9 More Black Superheroes Who Deserve to Be On The Big Screen

Miles Morales (Marvel)

He is the first Black Spider-Man and a rising star in the Marvel universe. His origin story is far more complicated and more interesting than Peter Parker’s. For starters, his uncle is a master thief called The Prowler. He fights his uncle and tries to bring him to the good side. And sadly, his mother was killed by Venom while he was trying to visit her in the hospital.

Aqualad_YJTV_h1Aqualad (DC)

Aqualad was the leader of the 2011-12 Cartoon Network show Young Justice. His story is complex but worthy of a movie. While being Aquaman’s sidekick, he is also son to Black Manta, Aquaman’s greatest enemy. His powers include: super strength, magic that creates hard water constructs and the ability to breathe underwater.

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  1. Love this!!

  2. Yo white comic book readers were very adamant about Miles Morales never making the big screen. Yes even so called nerds are racists too, just look at bill gates.

  3. I'm good w all of them except Patriot. I hate what they've done w that character. I'd rather it be his Uncle, Josiah X….

  4. They are doing Hawkgirl

  5. Great article.

  6. Pretty sure Miss America Chavez is Latina…

  7. Yeah she is. More specifically she is Afro-Latina. Look at her parents.

  8. Yep on Legends of Tomorrow

  9. Latina is not a race though. That's why on a job application it asks race then if you are hispanic or non hispanic.

  10. Don't forget Power Man and was in Marvel comics with Iron fist.