More Than Black Panther – 9 More Black Superheroes Who Deserve to Be On The Big Screen


Vixen (DC)

Vixen’s powers come from a totem that gives her animal-based powers. She is a native of a fictional African nation Zambesi. She became a model and used her wealth to become a heroine. Her story is not as interesting as others, but Vixen would be an excellent addition to the Justice League. Her exploits in Africa could make for an interesting film.

Hawkgirl (DC)

Kendra Munoz-Saunders is an Afro-Latina who lives on Earth-2. This character is a soldier and tomb raider who found her powers on an expedition. Her weird exploits could add something to the Justice League. Her origin can be tweaked to include the original Hawkgirl. She can fly and has a variety of guns.

PatriotPatriot (Marvel)

Eli Bradley is the second person to be called Patriot. He was also the leader of the Young Avengers before Miss America. His grandfather was Isaiah Bradley, the first to have the super soldier serum. Eli does not have the powers. He, instead, gained his powers through an artificial street drug. His powers include super strength and agility.

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  1. Yo white comic book readers were very adamant about Miles Morales never making the big screen. Yes even so called nerds are racists too, just look at bill gates.

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