10 Black Directors Who Should Take On Marvel’s Upcoming Black Panther Movie

amma asante

Amma Asante

Asante hasn’t been at the center of discussions for fans guessing who Black Panther’s director will be, but a closer look at her body of work suggests she might have what it takes to turn the Marvel film into an award-winning success. Asante’s film Belle was a British period piece revolving around romance, but it also focused on the “pursuit of justice.” “While Black Panther is unlikely to revolve around the tension of marrying for love or money, Belle delves into issues of power, legacy and identity in ways that might well be a key part of Black Panther,” The Mary Sue writes.


Ernest Dickerson

Dickerson isn’t exactly one of the most well-known directors, but he certainly has rank as one of the most talented and experienced. Dickerson has been working in Hollywood for three decades and spent some time as Spike Lee’s cinematographer. Working on films like Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X already make him a promising directorial choice, and he has always had an interest in sci-fi projects. According to The Mary Sue, Dickerson has been trying to get an adaptation of Octavia Butler’s “Clay’s Ark” off the ground. His years of experience, sci-fi interests and involvement with films that eloquently explore humanity and power would be great assets for him to bring to Marvel’s Black Panther.