10 Black Directors Who Should Take On Marvel’s Upcoming Black Panther Movie


Dee Rees

Rees is probably one of the least likely directors to be taking on an action-packed film, but as many Marvel comic lovers have pointed out, the action-packed scenes actually aren’t the most vital elements of the comic giant’s stories. While it has rarely failed to deliver spectacular fighting scenes and action-packed moments that leave movie-goers nibbling away at their cuticles, Marvel first pulls viewers in through its powerful and compelling storytelling and character development. In this sense, Rees could very well step up on the plate. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Rees could handle the action elements  —  just watch how Pariah is filmed and edited to see her incredible visual sense and gift for pacing  —  but it’s her ability to help shape the more human moments that Marvel should be especially interested in,” The Mary Sue wrote of the director.

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Antoine Fuqua

Fuqua is another message board favorite who seems like a very plausible option for the directorial position. He has worked on comic-based properties in the past, including his work on After Dark, which starred Wesley Snipes. His work with action flicks has already earned him several awards, but there are certain casting decisions Fuqua has in mind for the film that’s causing debate among fans. While talking to the press regarding his film Olympus Has Fallen, he revealed that he would love to see Denzel Washington don the Black Panther costume. “I’d always go straight for Denzel, if you’re talking about a certain type of character,” he told the press. He also pitched a string of other Black stars who might be right for the role in his eyes. “Jamie Foxx, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith — We’ve got a handful of guys who are very powerful actors.” Fuqua has already proven his directorial prowess in the past, and he would likely be able to mold the Black Panther film into something truly spectacular, but nothing ruins a film faster than a poor choice for the film’s lead. With the Black Panther being a specifically African superhero, it seems like Fuqua’s casting ideas would be the only thing to have fans second-guessing whether or not he should get behind Marvel’s upcoming project.