10 Black Directors Who Should Take On Marvel’s Upcoming Black Panther Movie


Steve McQueen

McQueen doesn’t match up to the others when it comes to sheer years of experience, but when it comes to compelling , artistic films, McQueen is the man to beat. ComicBookMovie.com deemed him its top choice to direct the Black Panther film, noting that the 12 Years a Slave director is an “extraordinary visual artist” who possesses the “ability to tap into the human psyche” and explore a character’s “darkest endeavors.” “If Marvel is looking for a method director, in respect of Kenneth Branagh, and a visionary to unveil the Wakanda nation — Steve McQueen is number one for the job,” the website added.


The Hughes Brothers

Allen and Albert Hughes may have already retired and gone their separate ways, but how exciting would a surprise return via Marvel’s Black Panther be? The brothers’ first two films, Menace II Society and Dead Presidents, marked them as influential directors early in their Hollywood careers. The brothers’ gritty portrayal of violence and Black youth could bring an interesting perspective to the Black Panther film. There are definitely certain elements of the Black Panther film that will require a no-holds-barred approach, and the Hughes brothers would be able to deliver just that. In addition to their first two successful films, the brothers were also responsible for The Book of Eli and From Hell. In 2013, Allen Hughes released a solo project without the aid of his brother, Broken City.