8 Reasons Marvel Writer Dan Slott Believes There Should Be a Non-White Spider-Man


“It boils down to this: A non-white child is playing with a Spidey action figure, would YOU go up to him & say: ‘You can’t be Spider-Man.'”

— Slott (@DanSlott) Feb. 21, 2015

Slott believes that media representation is valuable. The comics have come a long way in the area of diversity; however, the movies are still homogeneously white. Children of color should have role models to look up to and have inspiration for cosplaying.


“Icons belong to EVERYBODY. Why making ‘NEW heroes of color’ doesn’t work: You can’t just make an ICON. & ‘separate but equal’ isn’t America.”

 — Slott (@DanSlott) Feb. 21

The truth is many Black characters get lost in the sea of white characters created. For every Miles Morales created, there are 10 different white characters at the forefront of their own solo books. Popular Black characters are not really that successful. Static Shock had a solo book in the new 52, and it was canceled because of low sales. Black Panther has had very few solo titles throughout his creation. Storm has just received her first real solo book in 2014. Slott is a comic book writer who has seen many books come and go. It is very difficult to get established Black characters a spotlight.