8 Reasons Marvel Writer Dan Slott Believes There Should Be a Non-White Spider-Man


“He was a product of his time. Times change. RT @** @DanSlott It’s not ‘Spider-Man’ must be white. Peter Parker IS and has always been white.”

— Slott (@DanSlott) Feb. 21

This issue can be discussed about all forms of media created in this nation. The problem Slott is discussing revolves around the fact that people of color were not in the modes of production. There were few Black artists, writers and editors pre-1990s. Whites dominated every area, and they created characters like them. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby changed that by creating Black characters in the 1970s, and DC Comics jumped on board.


“Write down 10 words to describe Peter Parker. ‘White’ shouldn’t be in there. Or the first 100. Or thousand. If it is, you don’t get him.”

— Slott (@DanSlott) Feb. 22

Slott means that being white in any form of media is the default, but it also means that it is a place holder. White character’s stories are not about being white, but their stories are about economics, social class, college, relationships and other more. A person of color has to deal with all of those issues plus how people view their skin.