8 Reasons Marvel Writer Dan Slott Believes There Should Be a Non-White Spider-Man


“The comics can look different than the movies … and we’ll all survive. YAY! (G’night.) pic.twitter.com/zXZwmOHgr0”

— Dan Slott (@DanSlott) Feb. 22

Comic book purists who complain about race changes don’t necessarily challenge things like height, hair, costumes or other superficial details as harshly as race. These purists may be using the comics as a pretext for their racial issues.


“In an age where Samuel L. Jackson is a perfect Nick Fury, we’re past the point where the movies HAVE to look EXACTLY like the comics.”
— Dan Slott (@DanSlott) Feb. 22

The original Nick Fury was a white super spy. By the new millennium, Nick Fury was changed to Black in Marvel’s Ultimate comics line. Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury is the same as the comics. Marvel remedies this by making Black Fury white Fury’s son.