5 Notable Signs You Are Addicted to Gaming

Android-Games-featured-590x330You Ensure Access to Your Games on Every Device

Every gamer has to have a contingency plan. Just as I’m sure you won’t catch Bear Grylls in the middle of a jungle without a camera crew to film all his awesomeness as he eats bugs in the name of survival, so too will you never catch a real gamer without access to a compendium of games. Visiting Grandma this weekend and have a six-hour car ride ahead of you? Betta’ have that emulator installed on the Android. Ain’t no way you’ll catch me trapped anywhere tryin’ to deal with my inner thoughts and welling up with depressing emotion cause I don’t have access to at least one game that’s gettin’ the treatment right about then. Real gamers do whatever they have to not only to have access to gaming greatness to pass the time that usually is used for self-loathing by lesser people of the world, but also game saves. You’d better invest in that $10 a month for 1TB of cloud storage from Dropbox and sync those game saves because the only thing worse than not having access to your gaming library at any given point, is not having access to your last save point and being forced to start all over after you’ve already gotten into the swing of a game.