10 Captivating Animals Exclusive to Africa

There are thousands of species of animals that are unique to the African continent that exist nowhere else on Earth. Sadly, most of these beautiful creatures are being hunted by poachers and big game enthusiasts. So their populations are dwindling at record numbers. Here are only a small sampling of the exclusive African wildlife that are still living today.

Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis), in its alpine moorland habitat, Bale National Park, Ethiopia

Ethiopian Wolf  

This type of wolf is an endangered species that has had declining numbers for decades. It is estimated that the wolf only has a population of 500. The Ethiopian wolf is a canine and native to the Ethiopian highlands.



This animal is the tallest living animal. Giraffes are herbivores and have been targeted by poachers for decades. In the above photo, two male giraffes are competing for dominance.