5 Remarkable Creations That Represent Africa’s Emerging Tech Industry


Advanced High-Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft

The AHRLAC is Africa’s first home-grown military aircraft, and it first took off on Aug 13, 2014, in Pretoria, South Africa. What makes this plane special is that it took three years to develop and is used for anti-poaching missions, border patrols, anti-trafficking, anti-piracy, anti-insurgent, as well as anti-terror operations. This is a major milestone in the continent’s aviation history.

5 Incredibly Exciting Architects From Africa You Should Get to Know


Mokena Makeka

Makeka is an architect from Cape Town, South Africa. The complex history of apartheid plays a vital role in his architecture because he removed symbols of segregation. He is responsible for redesigning the Railway Police Station and the Cape Town Railway Station.

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The design is for Cape Town Station that will be completed in 2030.
This is a bird's eye view of the design.
This is a bird’s eye view of the design.

This African Inventor’s 3-D Printer Created From e-Waste Is the Most Ingenious Thing You’ll See Today

Kodjo Afate Gnikou has imagination, talent and ambition.

Using rails and belts from old scanners, the case of a discarded desktop computer and even bits of a diskette drive, he has created what is believed to be the first 3-D printer made from e-waste.

It has taken him several months to put together his experimental device. Lifting designs off a computer, the 3-D printer produces physical objects. He shows us by “printing” a small round container.

Source: TWND