15 Greatest Black Female Superheroes (Who Aren’t Storm)


Philippus (codename: N/A) 

Philippus is an Amazon and over 3,000 years old. Queen Hippolyta’s most trusted advisor. She was one of Wonder Woman’s main trainers growing up and loves Diana like a daughter. She has held the title of Regent and Queen of the Amazons multiple times previously—when Hippolyta has stepped down or been stripped of her title.

Phillipus is one of the most knowledgeable warriors in the world due to her extended age and training.


Mari Jiwe McCabe (codename: Vixen)

Mari Jiwe McCabe is originally from the African comic book nation of Zambesi. After the death of both her parents Mari takes the Tantu Totem that her family has always protected, which gives her the ability to mimic the powers of any animal that has ever existed on earth. The source of her powers has been played with and revamped a number of times, from being alien in nature to mystical. She has been linked to the West African god Anansi.


Charlotte “Charly” Beck (codename: Friction)

Charlotte “Charly” Beck was part of the Marvel Imprint – New Universe in the late 80s. In New Universe people were spontaneously developing abilities and many voluntarily checked themselves into clinics devoted to helping them…supposedly. Charly was in a college ballet class when suddenly she suffered an intense migraine and everyone around her started slipping and sliding. She had developed the ability to control friction, eliminating it entirely or allowing her to stick things to each other. She checked herself into the Center for Paranormal Research and was assigned a therapy group with other people who had suddenly developed powers – DP7 (also the title of the comic).