15 Greatest Black Female Superheroes (Who Aren’t Storm)


Martha Washington (codename: N/A)

Martha Washington grew up in Cabrini-Green, though in the future escapes it by joining the military. Finding out that the powers that be truly don’t care for anyone but themselves, facing multiple betrayals, becoming a hero, simply surviving, everything has been a struggle. The core of her story is about being a person who actually cares for others, who still has compassion and going up against a world that has mostly forgotten how to be a community or care for one another.


Dr. Cecilia Reyes (codename: N/A)

Dr. Cecilia Reyes  was recruited into the X-men though very reluctant to join she turned them down a couple times first. Even after she joined she used her medical skills more than her power, which is a psionic shielding that protects her whenever she feels threatened.

Dr. Reyes doesn’t have great control over her powers in the beginning mostly because she really has no interest in training with them, being much more focused on healing others on the team. Although this might also have to do with the fact that the shielding is psionic so she feels all the hits she takes even if there’s no physical effect.


Mercedes “Misty” Knight (codename: N/A)

Mercedes “Misty” Knight retired from the police force after she lost her arm trying to disarm a bomb and get it away from a crowd. Refusing a desk job she started a detective agency with fellow former officer Colleen Wing. They became known as the Daughters of the Dragon both for their ferociousness and their training in martial arts. At some point Misty gets a bionic arm. It’s never really clear who gave her the original but every scientist in the Marvel Universe has taken a turn improving or replacing it including Dr. Reed Richards and Tony Stark.