15 Greatest Black Female Superheroes (Who Aren’t Storm)


Raquel Ervin (codename: Rocket)

Raquel Ervin was a poor Black girl who dreamed of being the next Toni Morrison. Unfortunately she didn’t believe that she had the talent so instead she got involved with crime. It was while robbing a house with a group of friends that her life turned around.

She realizes that the man who owns the house is an alien and convinces him to become the superhero Icon and take her on as his sidekick Rocket. He gives her a belt which allows her to control and direct kinetic energy; this grants her a number of abilities including flight, super strength, a forcefield and more.


Ce’athauna Asira Davin aka Chante Giovanni Brown (codename: Queen Divine Justice)

Ce’athauna Asira Davin thought she was just a normal girl living in Chicago with her grandmother. In actuality she was heir to the leadership of the Jabari tribe which Black Panther had outlawed years ago because of their support/sheltering of the White Gorilla cult. She was recruited to become one of Black Panther’s bodyguards/ceremonial wives, only then did she learn she was Wakandan by birth.

She has no powers to speak of but has been trained in Wakandan fighting styles and has boots with vibranium soles that allow her to stick to walls and other feats.


Jelene Anderson (codename: Adept)

Jelene Anderson is from Strikeforce Morituri, an alternate universe with the Marvel continuity in which an alien menace known as The Horde is attacking Earth and winning. The Morituri process will grant great powers to those biologically compatible with the process, enough to fight the aliens but it’s also guaranteed to kill the subject within the year.

Jelene has a strong belief in/connection with God and in fact volunteers because of her strong religious convictions and maintains that conviction throughout her life. The Morituri process granted her the ability to analyze any given situation and figure out the the needed neutralizing countermeasures even to the point of her own body producing chemical compounds to counteract poison.


Victoria Ngengi (codename: Flint) 

Victoria Ngengi is probably the toughest one on this list, meaning sheer physical ability to take punishment. She’s been burned by Xenomorph blood and survived—she got burned with the blood because she burst one apart. With. One. Punch.

She’s invulnerable; the Xenomorph blood was the first thing to hurt her in years, and she has super speed but only in terms of reaction time and personal movement, so she can dress and undress so fast no one sees but can’t run at the speed of sound. She became a part of Stormwatch while young, after losing her parents to violence in Kenya and spending years as a ward of the Kenyan state.