15 Greatest Black Female Superheroes (Who Aren’t Storm)


Destiny Ajaye (codename: N/A) 

Destiny Ajaye is the newest girl on this list. Fans have been waiting for this miniseries for six years. Destiny’s power? She’s the best military mind of our generation. Genius presupposes that every generation has a military genius born into it: Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Napoleon, and now a 17-year-old Black girl in South Central Los Angeles. She’s had the ability to think/see many steps ahead since she was a child and she’s grown up seeing the injustice all around her. Finally Destiny decides to do something about it.


Karen Beecher (codename: Bumblebee)

Karen Beecher initially dressed in costume to provide an anonymous villain to provoke the Teen Titans because she believed they were taking her boyfriend, a member, for granted. When she finally revealed the ruse she was asked to join the team herself. While at first Karen was a mere support character to her boyfriend Mal, she slowly grew into a hero in her own right.

A scientist, originally her powers stemmed from a suit she created which allowed her to fly and fire energy blasts, but thanks to some random space energy, she has gained the ability to shoot energy blasts and fly without the aid of her suit.

The downside is she’s also been shrunk down to six inches tall and is stuck at that size. She has to take a daily medication to make sure her heart does not fail because of her tiny size.


Dr. Beth Chapel (codename: Dr. Midnight)

Dr. Beth Chapel was a simple a medical student, whose mentor happened to be a doctor and a superhero—Dr. Charles MacNider aka Dr. Mid-Nite. After MacNider’s death Beth is blinded by an oxygen explosion in her hospital and discovers she has the same ability as MacNider: in darkness she can see in with perfect clarity though she’s blind in light.

She tried out for the team Infinity Inc., along with Yolanda Montez. Beth is different from most of them because the connection she has with her predecessor, Dr. Charles MacNider aka Dr. Mid-Nite, is a caring mentor-student one rather than parental.