7 Naruto Characters We’ll Remember Forever


Hinata Hyuga

Hinata was a punk. Neji was just picking on her like she was the annoying cousin with a slight mental deficiency. She got it together and came back and put the palms on people, in Naruto’s honor, and he didn’t even acknowledge her until chapter 699. That’s that crap. Hinata didn’t get any respect. Hinata was one of the only people standing up to help Naruto against Pain. I’d like to point out Kakashi was basically dead during this. Naruto is just going to fawn over Sakura like Hinata wasn’t laying her life on the line for him. Hinata was also in the war beating people down. I give Hinata props for being a warrior princess. Ino learned some medical stuff, Sakura was a medic and Ten Ten was picking up tools she knew she wasn’t going to use. Hinata was out there asking, “Who wants these palms?” Also, his dream came true, and you can’t knock that — unless you’re one of those people sending Kishimoto threats or signing the petition because Sakura didn’t end up with Naruto. You need to grow up


Shikamaru Nara

This is going to be a drag. Shikamaru wasn’t even that strong, but he was the smartest. Did anyone outsmart him? He gave up in the Chunin Exam and still was the only person that passed. He’s also a killer. Technically, he didn’t kill Hidan, but he buried him alive in a hole so deep in his family’s forest nobody would ever find him. Shikamaru wasn’t afraid to do what other characters wouldn’t. Shadow Clone Jutsu is cool, but Shadow Possession? That’s just crazy. You think you’ve won and then you can’t move and realize he’s trapped you with a shadow from behind and you’re wondering how. Then you see he’s wound his shadow around the block, through three trees, down a hole, out of a cave, made it do a cartwheel and then finally captured you. Then he slowly strangles you with a shadow. Man, that’s a drag.