7 Naruto Characters We’ll Remember Forever



Well, he died. But he died an amazing sacrifice. Jiraiya was just awesome and influenced an entire generation of Ninja more than some of the hokage. He was also a pretty good teacher. Sure he goofed off a lot and was a pervert but who isn’t a pervert in this series? When the time came, Jiraiya was always ready to throw down with some incredible jutsu. In the end, Jiraya died giving the world a chance to survive the war and not be ambushed. He also made sure that he wouldn’t be resurrected. He had the foresight to throw his body in the ocean because he knew it was coming. He was also the only one who somehow kept Orochimaru in line. Also, he’s got one name like Prince.

Source: blerdsonline.com You can hear Darrell on the CP Time and Powerbomb Jutsu podcasts.