7 Naruto Characters We’ll Remember Forever


Asuma Sarutobi

If I told you a Sarutobi would make this list, you wouldn’t assume it was the awesome Asuma. Asuma just chilled the first half of the series. Then you found out he was the Hokage’s son. He was an accomplished war general. He had taken out countless high-priority targets, was one of the 12 Ninja Guardians and had a bounty. All that and Asuma still managed to just chill out in the first half without causing any trouble. Can we also admit that the chakra blades he carries are awesome? Adding to his awesome repertoire is his Thousand Armed Murder technique. Also, only one child was born during the series that didn’t happen in chapter 700, so you have to think Asuma’s child is some kind of messiah. I say child because it’s supposed to be a girl but looks like a boy in the last chapter.


Kakashi Hitake

Do I really need to explain this? He’s a better Uchiha than most of the Uchiha in the series and he’s not even an Uchiha. If they were so great they wouldn’t have been wiped out by Itachi. Not Kakashi. He faced off with Itachi and walked out with a bad dream. Anything an Uchiha can do Kakashi can do better. He really should have been hokage. Tsunade was important because she brought back the importance of medical ninja and that played a huge part in the war but let’s be real. Kakashi shouldn’t need 700 chapters to be hokage. It’s crazy because even without his sharingan at the end he still has access to the thousands of techniques he’s copied. He’s just breaking out perfect Susanoo because he can. He’s also died and come back. Nobody else did that.