5 Advisers to Avoid When Launching a Business

In the age of trending #startups and #entrepreneurship, more people than ever believe they are experts or have advice to give. According to Mashable, “the success of any new business often hinges on getting the right advice from people who have been there before. Applying the 90-10 Rule to advice means that 90 percent of the advice worth following comes from just 10 percent of the advice-givers.” Here are five advisers to avoid, as shared by Mashable.


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Advisers Who Don’t Listen

Have you ever come across people who start spouting advice without taking the time to understand your specific situation? They never bother to ask a single question about the business before launching into their “advice.”

Avoid these individuals by focusing on advisers who ask thoughtful questions and then listen to your answers. The best listeners usually make the most helpful advisers.