22 Of The Most Amazing African American Entrepreneurs Of All Time

earl gravesEarl G. Graves

Graves founded Black Enterprise magazine to cover Black entrepreneurs and corporate executives.


Reginald F. Lewis

In 1983, Lewis graduated from Harvard Law School and founded the TLC investment group. He borrowed $24 million to buy McCall Pattern Co. He sold it for $65 million three years later. Then he used investment capital to buy Beatrice Foods, a $1.5 billion global food company, and renamed it TLC Beatrice.


C.H. James

In 1883, C.H. James Restaurant Holdings, LLC was founded. More than 12 decades later, his great-grandson, Charles H. James III, is in charge.


Linda Gooden

She leads Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Services sector with 45,000 workers under her.

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  1. Don't know why they included CEOs to this list? but AG Gaston boss 4 real, he even has a prestigious award named in his honor.

  2. Many were not entrepreneurs. In fact some may argue that many of them have hurt the Black community.