Game Time: The Top 5 Announcements from E3 2015



This year’s E3 was not very good for the mega gaming company. There were some lukewarm reaction to its releases and to their presentations. However, there was a gem or two that emerged from the filth. Some of the big moments included the announcement of Platinum Games co-developing Star Fox Zero with Shigeru Miyamoto and Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Fans have been awaiting these two games but Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS has not been received well. The trailer has been destroyed since its release.

Source: Nintendo/Youtube

Miami Summit Encourages Tech Growth in Caribbean

On June 25, Eveline Pierre, founder and executive director of the Haitian Heritage Museum in Miami, along with co-founder Serge Rodriguez will host a regional tech summit presented by Miami Caribbean Code (MC2).


“MC2 is an empowering movement and event series with the goal of fostering a bridge between the fast-moving tech world, the Miami-Caribbean community and the Caribbean region. We recently kicked off MC2 with our inaugural Youth Tech Summit in April for local Miami-Caribbean youth and educators,” according to Arlice Nichole, editor of

The event will feature entrepreneurs and tech innovators looking to expand their networks and connect with like-minded individuals. This space will be used to discuss the future of technology, and there will also be a variety panels that will cover tech innovations, trends and recent developments in the tech industry.

One of the major features of the event is the Caribbean Tech and Innovation Awards that will highlight the achievements of tech leaders from the Caribbean.

There will be a fundraiser for future events and the Haitian Heritage Museum.

Scheduled speakers include founder and host of devLatino Jason Mazier, president of Belle Fleur Technologies Tia Dubuisson and Oracle principal technical consultant Perside Foster. For the full list of speakers, visit MC2’s website.

The Miami Caribbean Code summit will be held in the Miami Design District. There is still time to register. Go to MC2 for more info.


22 Of The Most Amazing African American Entrepreneurs Of All Time

clara20brownClara Brown

Colorado was one of the sites for the gold rush in the 1850s. Brown moved to Central City, Colorado, established a successful laundry and bought real estate. Brown was the first woman and first Black person inducted into the Society of Colorado Pioneers.

paul20cuffePaul Cuffe

Cuffe was the son of an Ashanti man from Ghana and a Wampanoag Native American woman from Massachusetts. In the 1700s, he was a prominent sea captain whose ships and all-Black crews worked the Atlantic Coast and sailed to Europe and Africa.


Charles Clinton Spaulding, Aaron McDuffie Moore and John Merrick

In 1898, these men founded the first Black-owned insurance company. In 1934, the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. was the nation’s largest Black-owned business, and it is still one of the oldest Black-owned businesses in the U.S.

isaac_myersIsaac Myers

Myers organized fired ship workers, raised funds from Black churches and bought a shipyard that won a government contract. Myers let whites join his union, but his efforts to integrate white unions were stifled.

7 Clever Technologies Inspired by Nature


Spider Silk

Spider silk is one of nature’s strongest materials. Scientists have created a medical product that can be peeled off a wound without damaging the tissue underneath, but it is still strong enough to protect when attached.


Gecko’s Grip

There is an adhesive in development that will be made of millions of plastic fibers and can support almost a pound of weight. The amazing thing is that the material gets stronger with use.


Thirsty Beetles

The Namib Desert beetle collects water by condensing fog into droplets on the ridges of its back. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a bumpy material made of glass and plastic that recreates that process.