7 Black Celebrities You Many Not Have Known Were Serious Gamers


Ice T

Ice T is a jack of all trades. He’s an actor, ex-pimp, ex-gang member—and a gamer. Ice T loves playing first person shooters such as Call of Duty. He also invites people to play with him. If you check out his kill-death ratio, you’ll see that Ice T is pretty good at these games, too.


Dave Chappelle

If you’ve ever watched “Chappelle’s Show” or any of Dave Chappelle’s stand-up specials, you probably made an educated guess that the man is a gamer. He’s done some skits on his show of him playing videos games and he’s also made a slew of video game-related jokes. He’s even stated that he’s a pretty big fan of World of Warcraft and the Grand Theft Auto series.

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  1. Tracey Rolyart says:

    I thought Vin would enjoy the racing.